Love Salad

Love Salad: Total Eclipsed Me was released in May 2018.



We invite personalization. ‘My girl’ might be your deity. Perhaps she is your most deeply felt sensitivities. Perhaps she is a lost or a desired but not yet discovered piece of your essential nature. Your life, your songs.



from GEBIS, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

June 2018



1. Seven Stages


Total-ly/e-clipse me, so only you see.

Seven’s your preacher. Loss is the teacher.

Shock and deny. Refuse. Recluse.

There’s too much to lose in one lifetime, let alone a day.

Impossible, implausible, a mind goes numb, then guilt, the eager brother.

He’s the fire that fans the flame. A dance with pain. Your bargain to be sane.


Innocent, the jury. Emptiness is its own bubble. Don’t break it too soon.

It sees you. Reflections entombed.


Float through fear. Pilot your anger. Clouds will clear.

Bargain to love again. You’re still here. Others take you home my dear.



2. Baubler


Stop the insanity!

Do it for humanity.

Eminent calamity is here.

Take in the anger brewing.

Look, the reality as a, an anomaly, spit your words all over me my dear.

Wake up boy, hatred's stewing.

Listen! You're an idiot.

You don't have a single shred, not a leg to stand on so, fear.

Fear all the hatred brewing.


Eminent circumstance, idiot wears the pants, President Full Throttle!

Fastest fool in the West, without thought he'll digress, Resident Head Bauble!

Nasty mood at his best, ego puffed, skinny chest.

A message in a bottle reads "S.O.S.! Small hands confess to making an awful mess." We should have known it right from the start. 



3. There Is A Tree In Your Yard


There is a tree in your yard. It stands all alone. He's waiting there for you to choose. He waits for truth. He waits for you. One acorn falls. The seed must sow.


It was a seed wind took far. To you he has flown. Your earth he calls. His roots take hold. It's truth he breathes. In you he needs. Your happiness grows his whole world.


So strong, so long, so loving you. He waits each day. What can he do? He knows your soul and all of the ways of you. Inside you hide all that you feel. In stride you move so full of fear. In time you'll find he grows for you. His tears are yours. His heart isn't made of wood.


So strong so long so loving you. He waits each day what can he do? He knows your heart and all your truth. He knows your soul and all of the ways of you.


One acorn, one day born, he waits for your warm hand, your sweet home to grow his dream. No sorrow, tomorrow. Don't make him wait long there in your yard.

Just treasure, don't measure all he needs from you, and your sweet home to grow his dream. You feel him, such pleasure, in your heart.



4. Say 


We are sorry for your loss.

All words spoken at no cost.

So deep inside, our hearts can hide.

Open the door. Let light walk in.


Broken hearted tokens we give to hide the pain.

Spoken honest, total promise, but words will not hold you.

Speak slow, how do you know just what to say?

Take stock. Your world's in shock, in pain!


It went your way, for now, some say.

You made your play somehow now, today.

Mouth wide shut, you think words untame.

Mind made up you say it your way.

Just how you alter words to falter, crying, dying, all in vain.


Your world is made up played up o so shaded, false and unclear. 

Your story's shaded, jaded, made up, played up, false yet so clear. 

Say what you're thinking, truth is shrinking though it's so sincere.

Your ways are borrowed, how you follow formulaically.

Your world is made up, played up, shaded, faded, so unclear.


Mind wide shut for-mu-la-ic-ly.

Mouth wide shut, you think words untame.

Mind made up you lay down. So lame.


You made the play.

"Go now," you say.

Eyes wide open, blind, yet so clear.



5. Duck


You go your way. You make your play.

Everything’s ok. Leave your fear. No more tears.

Head high, don’t cry. Ask why inside you find the path is so near.

No more fear.


Duck away. Make your play. Go today.

Go the way you can stay ok, and be clear. Free from fear.

Duck away. Tuck away what you say. Go the way. Go today.

You’re free. Free from fear. Oh so clear.


Ha ha ha ha. Laugh long. Cry hard. Live strong, head high, your heart clear.

You lie awake, your mind aflame with thought mundane, a fear insane.

Wisdom remains. You make the game.


Silent sharing, shyness sparing no one.

Open our eyes. Spoken, no lies, no fear.


You make your dreams inside of me. Lucky day, tuck away, tuck away now.

You dream your way, your symphony. Duck away, duck away. It’s ok now.

You write your song, you make them see. Duck away, duck away, tuck away now.

Make it forever, you make it free. Lucky day, tuck away, duck away now.


Show them your way. Go it right now.

Make every play. Make it last now.

Everything’s ok. Everything’s right now.

You take the stage. Make it last now.



6. A Girl


I have a girl. And she opened my eyes to a brighter world.

Eyes like the sun, beaming honesty, integrity as one.

My precious girl, she loves, she laughs, she smiles, she cries, she empathize, she cut you down to size when you spin all those lies around your world because you're crazy.

She knows you manipulate.

You're a master of baiting them, you catch your fill.

She walks her own path unaided, truth tried and making it, hands clean of guilt.



7. Sam 5.8


Evidently innocent, Bodhisattva watched him take his test.

Maybe he was heaven-sent, kicked out ‘cause his Dad did not pay rent.

Two years less a month he wept, while his sister held him to her chest.

Baba awoke from his hell, woken by this child who broke his spell.


He was the boy they would need. Enlightening answers he bleeds. An epiphany born of tears. Impossible to believe from such youth.


Dear Students: The lesson is clear today.

Innocent, you digress. Inner sense, happiness, is your bet. The selfish you, he melts with glances. Wide open smiles lost at night when he cries for Baba.

"Baba, please come home."

"We're too little to be alone. Just like you."

Alone he cried. Twenty-three months he died.

Then suddenly the answer woke in father’s broken soul that Sam set free.



8. Krantzed


“Innocent!” -Not how the judgement started.

Law hell bent on faking guilty parties.

Power’s low. Fear runs high. House of Cards tells us why.

Animal instinct. It multiplies with power.

Elected officials. Toxic egos shower.

Power and control.

Power to hide, they’re scared too.

Self-presidential pardon!

Grow up. Think long. Show up. Be strong.

Nations cry “You’re a child!”


Bullets rain down! Battles rage on! Ego has won!

Leaders stand tall in our blood.


Kill by color. Families parted.

You might hate me. So I’ll hate you instead. Presidential teaching.

Walled up tight: “It’s gonna be great!” -No melting pot waste.

My secrets scream “We’re paper thin!”

“The color cost: My skin, blackens souls to hate and kill.”



9. Crying Smile


Sitting on top of the world, I feel life and it's so good to me and my little girl.

She's my angel. I want to cry with smiles.

Colors and lights that are hers, she paints love that is so real.

She is that one little girl. She’s my angel. She makes me fly for miles.


Moving in the world, grooving with my girl. It's so sweet, so complete.

Making sure she knows that you watch her grow and it's all you need.

Show her how she's…

Sit-ting on top of the world, it's so good to be with my little girl. She's my angel. She knows just why she's sunshine.


Moving in the world, grooving with my girl, so-sweet.

Making sure she knows that you love her so that she means everything.


Listen little girl: Your life is my world. You're all I need.

Moving in the world, grooving with my girl, it's so sweet. I love you.



10. Permission


Babies are born in to this world without asking their permission.

If we gave them a say in it might they say “Wait a minute.”

We have this one condition.

We are happy to join you if you can join each other.

Sisters and brothers grow up to become fathers and mothers.

Fathers and mothers make children who all feed on love.

And we’re always hungry. Please let us taste the truth.


So delicious! What we taste when without judgement.

But we over-season it, wiping out the reason to try.

Please ask yourself why. You need who to keep you alive?

So I’ll hate you just in case.

But we knows that’s our lie.

Fear and anger are the danger, taking over so we forget to ask how many…



11. Do It


Teacher Preacher here. Watching every day.

Make your way to run. Live life. Have your fun.

Dream with eyes wide open, eyes wide with sun.

Dream for now.

Dream for days, but dream how you will face heavy doors with no ways to open your eyes, spread wings to fly.

Live life, live high.

Know it. Show it. Own it. Go it alone.


Working all of the ways, moving on every day…



12. Hand In Hand


Do you know me?

Here I am.

Can you show me? Hand in hand?

I need to know you see, see me in you.

See me as two, joined as one hand in hand.

Here I am.


My world is born in you when you are kind.

Standing on top of the world I cry.

Will you see me waiting and standing in awe of your gentle mind, feeling your love carry us through scary times when our world must cry?

How can you hold and love me and do you know me?

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